Shopping for second-hand apparel and household goods helps reduce waste in our community.
It’s affordable, fun and part of a green, sustainable lifestyle.

Massive Donation! Exciting New Items on The Way!

Please bear with us!

An extraordinary, large clothing donation was gifted to Twice Blessed recently and we are requesting storage space for processing the donation and people to help wash clothes.

It appears the donor was in the retail business. The donation includes a collection of brand new stuffed Teddy Bears as well as clothing of the same style in most sizes and colors.

Please sign up at the Twice Blessed Thrift Store or contact volunteer coordinator, Doris Marsh, at Help keep the divine principle of circulation moving in our thrift store and watch how that blessing overflows into your own life!

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Twice Blessed has new hours!  We are now open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm

Please spread the word.  And thank you for your support!

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Volunteers Needed: Receive 20 % off

Join our team of volunteers and have fun working in one of the most entertaining businesses around!  We need help during any of our shifts: Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm.  Tasks include sorting merchandise, pricing, cashiering and customer service.  Volunteers receive 20% off purchases. Contact Store Manager Letrice at (808) 382-8552. 

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“Thrift Store: The Musical” Premieres Saturday, March 29 in Honolulu

An unemployed retail sales manager, desperate for a job, opens a small thrift store at a neighborhood church. Eccentric customers fill the shop with their precious treasures and personal dramas. When a big box thrift store comes to town, the fledgling shop must get creative to keep its doors open.  Contains 13 original songs by Island artists. 

Former manager Susanne Sims wrote the stage play and was inspired by events that happened during her time at Twice Blessed. It premieres for one night only at the Mission Memorial Auditorium in downtown Honolulu at 6:00 p.m., Saturday, March 29.

To view the show’s opening trailer, see photos of the cast, for tickets and to donate, please visit the official website:

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Welcome New Manager Dennis Blank

Congratulations to Dennis Blank who was named January 1 as the new manager of Twice Blessed.  Dennis has been volunteering for the last several months and prior to this, he ran the Namaste Bookstore at Unity Church from 2006 – 2010.

Twice Blessed is in need of more volunteers.  If you can donate your time, just one day a week for up to four hours, we welcome you.  Volunteers receive 20% off all purchases.  Please contact Dennis at (808) 382-8552 or stop in to see him at Twice Blessed.

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Picnicking at Twice Blessed

For the past three months, Sarah G. had a wonderful job working on a cruise ship that toured the Hawaiian Islands.   Several weeks ago, her contract aboard the ship ended and it was time to put down roots back on land once again.  She decided to make Hawaii her new home.  One of her first stops was a shopping spree at Twice Blessed Thrift Store with Manager, Denise Crosby.

While looking for household goods, Sarah met John Daly from Cork Ireland, a fellow shopper who was browsing the books.  With her new household articles in hand (table cloth, napkins, plates, cups, etc.) the two of them spontaneously decided to have a picnic just outside Twice Blessed at the table and chairs on the patio.

I strolled by when I happened to catch this photo of the two of them enjoying their nosh and conversation.  Sarah now volunteers at Twice Blessed.  John, who is a lecturing professor, has since returned to Ireland but plans to visit the islands again to teach at the University of Hawaii. 

Come see us and have your own picnic on the patio. Who knows who you could bump into!  — Susanne Sims, Volunteer

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Twice Blessed Celebrates Third Anniversary with Holiday Cheer

Yes, that’s right!  Twice Blessed is celebrating our Third Anniversary.  Thank you to all of our patrons and fans for your continued support throughout these years. 

To celebrate, we’ve begun displaying our Thanksgiving and Christmas decor items.  Dennis Blank has been trimming the tree with ornaments, priced at only $1 each.

Throughout the year, donations of Christmas and seasonal goodies pile up until such time when we can present these treasures.  It’s always a pleasure to decorate the shops for the holidays. Please visit us and share some holiday cheer.  Sam Chesser and his faithful companion Angel will be here to welcome you.


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Mahalo, Denise Crosby!

A successful year at Twice Blessed ends with another change. We say a fond farewell and mahalo plenty to Denise Crosby as she recognizes the need to step down as manager of Twice Blessed Thrift store to focus on other career endeavors. We appreciate Denise for bringing her passion and creativity to Twice Blessed since August. We love you and bless you as you pursue fruitful ventures.

E Komo Mai Dennis Blank! Dennis has been an extremely valuable and dedicated volunteer and staff member across for many years, having previously managed our bookstore, recently helped the office run smoothly while Carol Brooks was on vacation and volunteered many hours in the Twice Blessed since his return to Honolulu at the end of August.

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Neighborhood Florist Donates to Twice Blessed

Long-standing neighborhood business Service Grocery and Florist located at 3124 Monsarrat Avenue closed its doors last year after serving the community for many decades.  Recently, family members from the mainland were in town to clear out the remaining merchandise inside the shop and to prepare the location for a new tenant.

Twice Blessed is the recipient of a large selection of new merchandise which includes flower pots, stuffed animals, baskets, watering cans and more. 

We are also receiving like new boogie boards from a Waikiki Hotel.  Visitors purchase these boards for upwards of $25 brand new, use them for a week, then discard them.  We are working with a local concierge to keep them from going into the waste stream and in use. Prices for these colorful and artistic boogie boards range from only $5 – $8 depending on size.

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A Story of Love and Aloha Shirts

Twice Blessed has received an incredible donation of 30 plus Reyn Spooner shirts,
some of which are vintage and special collectors editions.  They are in excellent condition, with minimal wear, and have been extremely well cared for.  The sizes are large and extra large, but they run small so they could fit medium builds as well.

Twice Blessed is offering these shirts for $20 and $25 dollars.  The prices were researched on-line and also through Bailey’s, the largest broker of Aloha Shirts in Hawaii.  Shown below are some of the intricate patterns and detail: Underwater scenes, a Christmas design and the work of island artist Dietrich Varez.

The shirts were donated by Unity on-line member Mary Rubin who lives in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii.  They belonged to her late husband Fred who passed away in February. “We had 35 years of love and harmony together,” recalls Mary.  “Fred was a Veteran of the Second World War and of Korea.  He was an exceptional man.”

Mary’s dear friend, Unity member Patti Baldwin, took care of the couple last year while Fred was at Straub Hospital in Honolulu.  “Patti is one of the most loving and compassionate people you will ever meet.  She took me to Straub every day and even put me up in her home when there were no hotels available because a large convention was in town,” says Mary.  “This is a story of loving compassion. Patti took Fred’s amazing collection of shirts to Honolulu where she washed and pressed them all.” 

Come see this exceptional gift. The shirts are true works of art and the story is a beautiful example of how we are all Twice Blessed.

As an addendum to this story, on Sunday, June 23, John Hays (pictured below) visited Unity Church at Diamond Head and stopped into Twice Blessed.  We discovered that John is a relative of Ruth Spooner, who started “Spooners of Waikiki” in 1950. The company merged in 1957 with Reyn McCullough and opened its first Reyn Spooner store at Ala Moana Center.  John was clad, of course, in none other than a Reyn Spooner shirt. 

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